Terms and Conditions

Agreement Establishment:

The website teeseven.in is a web-based Navratri Event ticketing portal owned and operated by teeseven, a corporation formed under Indian law.

This user agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which teeseven will deliver services to the user via the website. In addition to this agreement, and depending on the services the user opts for, the user shall be required to read and accept the appropriate terms of service for such services, which may be updated or modified by teeseven from time to time. The user shall be responsible for keeping themselves apprised of any such changes. Terms of Service are hereby incorporated into this Agreement and shall be deemed to be subject to the terms of this Agreement in the case of any conflict.

The user is permitted to use the website on the condition that he or she accepts without modification all of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this agreement and any additional terms that may be placed on the website from time to time. For the avoidance of dispute, it is clarified that the user’s usage of the website constitutes awareness and acceptance of this agreement and the TOS.

Alteration of terms:

teeseven retains the right to make modifications to the terms, conditions, and notices that are associated with the services that are supplied via the website. This includes, but is not limited to, the fees that are required to use the services that are offered through the website. The user is responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions frequently.

Reader Advisory

Carefully review our terms and conditions.

Your acceptance of the terms and conditions during online ticket purchase constitutes a legally binding agreement between us.

  • Only booking IDs generated by teeseven.in will be accepted as authorized booking IDs.
  • Ensure that the entered personal information is accurate. Once generated, a booking ID cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged.
  • Ensure that the booking IDs are kept safe and are always in your possession or the possession of your authorized or lawful holder.
  • Any person in possession of the booking ID can exchange it for a ticket without further verification of their identity.
  • We never compromise or resell your booking IDs.
  • Do not entertain anyone who sells a printout or SMS of the booking ID that we have generated. If you encounter anyone engaging in such conduct, please immediately notify us.
  • We never sell tickets for more than what is listed on our website.
  • We will never request your personal identification number over the phone or by any other means than the website transaction page when you book online.
  • Do not engage with anyone claiming to be our authorized representative or agent and attempting to sell you special offer vouchers, gift certificates, actual printed booking IDs, e-codes, etc. Inform us of the same immediately.
  • The Booking ID that we generate allows the holder to exchange it for a valid ticket. The same does not constitute a valid ticket. We will never sell tickets using your booking ID.
  • A Booking ID is created, which entitles the holder to a valid ticket. It is your responsibility to verify that the holder is the legitimate owner. Do not misuse or jeopardize the booking IDs.

Terms and Conditions for Navratri Event:

  • Per-ticket Internet handling fees may apply. Before making a payment, kindly verify the total amount.
  • Please plan to arrive at the location at least 30 minutes early to ensure a smooth check-in.
  • Masks and social distance are needed.
  • If you’re sick, don’t buy tickets.
  • Unauthorized resale (or suspected unlawful sale or purchase) of a ticket leads to rejection or cancellation without refund or other compensation.
  • The right of admission is reserved.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the organizer.